July 16th, 2006

Diet Coke

I'm just a girl...

I actually have been meaning to do this for about a week, but I have just not been able to focus in enough to deal with all the cutting and linking. But now, with my birthday only two days away, I figure I'd best use some of the time I'm trying to kill during load-in being productive. (I've already spent most of the day trying to make the program for the first weekend and blood will be shed if I don't get a break from that.) I don't feel too bad about being so late in putting this together since I won't be having a real party until August.

So, without further whinging..

userinfoghost_light's greedy-greedy birthday wish list.

There are still several kinds of BPAL scents I would like to try but have not had a chance to order yet, including Collapse ), Collapse ) and Collapse )

I was serious when I posted my lust for something bearing an insignia from Ghostlight and my on-going search for an "I'm Blogging This t-shirt and My other passion on a shirt

I would also adore this on a mug.

I've heard that this is super-mega-tasty, but pricey enough that you should really love the person you send it to.

I still have my Amazon wish list which is packed with Alan Ayckbourn plays. And, since I'm not celebrating for a while, there might still be time to go here and request an autograph. Hell, I'll take any of his plays autographed, even ones I already have.

That's about all the silly I can think of right now. I hope this is a help to those who haven't given up and just bought a case of Diet Coke.