June 16th, 2006


Assistance Needed

My wonderful friend userinfomelissakmock
is in need of some suggestions.

She has two sons, 6 and 13, and her creative well is beginning to run dry as far as summer activities for the pair. "Read a book." and "Go play the Playstation" are getting old fast. Things they can do together would be best.


Sometimes the boss knows just what to say

After what seems like months of insisting he cannot work afternoons during Conservatory because he needs the time for writing grants and doing other fund-raising, today Don casually mentions "Besides, then I can come in and give you the afternoon off once in a while."

I think he just feels sorry for my back. Which is bad, but the Doctor hasn't called back about seeing me today.


Finally got Gevart's medical assistant on the phone.

She has called in some pain killers for me and says to take it very, very easy this weekend, spend a lot of time on an ice pack. She said to ask the pharmacist how best to mix the anti-inflammatory, pain killers and muscle relaxants I usually take sparingly and rarely because of work since *hee* I won't be at work.

Tuesday I need to let her know how I am.

If. IF Gevart then thinks that I need to think about the fluoroscopic shots, I will be added to the list for Thursday.