March 3rd, 2006

Le Tired

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1. What color is your aura, do you imagine?

2. Girls: do you hover, use an ass gasket or just suck it up and sit on the seat when you have to use a public toilet? Boys: How good are you about putting the seat down after you pee?

3. Do you give a rat's ass what movie wins Best Picture this year?

The Alexander kids had a rough show last night. The audience was really small so they were goofing off. A lot. Every time I think I am being too hard on them and just acting like an ogre, they surprise me. One of the kids is reportedly writing a story where her favorite teacher and I are locked in a life and death struggle (complete with pictures of me in my headset.) One of her siblings gave Randy and I star necklaces yesterday morning and last night someone left a little "From your secret admirer" note on my desk that was just covered with hearts all with little J's in them.