January 21st, 2006



We had a great dinner at Lori's last night. Great food and a return of the "Who do we hate?" game. This started at Thanksgiving, I honestly can't remember why. It may have been to dodge the "What are you thankful for?" game. The big winner was still Tom Cruise. Dad and Ila swear they read somewhere that Kate broke up with him because her family doesn't approve but no one else had encountered that bit of gossip.

We had the performance of The Importance of Being Earnest and Tartuffe this morning. It went very well! I was so proud of the girls. There was an audible wave of approval/recognition when I introduced Earnest and a lot of laughter during the scene. Moliere did not get as much internal laughter but they seemed to enjoy it. The President of the organization asked for another round of applause as we took our seats and encouraged everyone to send their kids to our organization. I'm proud.

My class also went well. I'm having to really hammer the fact that, no matter how many people are on stage, there is one scene going on and we need to listen to that. The one they have latched onto is "Your job is to make your partner look good". I'm having to restrain my oldest student from coaching the younger kids on ideas.