January 16th, 2006

Star Fuckers

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Normally I'm supposed to take Monday's off, but since I am here at the office for a rehearsal...

The show Saturday night went very well. Bill Ingvall was an incredibly nice guy. He even heckled me about my calls. I went downstairs to explain that we needed to hold the house 5 minutes because the Beer and Barley Wine Festival had parking completely fucked up and he just goes "So. Basically you've been lying to me for the last 15 minutes." I hung my head in shame and said "Yes, but I hope our friendship is strong enough that we can put this behind us and go on with our lives." "Well, I think you need to leave this room and go somewhere to think about what you've done." We both laughed so hard. After the show he shook my hand and complimented me on the lights, the sound, everything and thanked me for a great show. I was walking on air.

So - thus far the celebrities I have enteracted with while working at the PAC:

Mr. & Mrs.Lorenzo Lamas
Dr. Ruth
Robin Leach
and now, Bill Ingvall.

We are supposed to have another game night tonight but Mark is home sick today. I am going to go home now join him.

1. How is your cell phone etiquette?

2. Do you usually have today off work?

3. What are your plans for tonight?