August 3rd, 2005

Tech Week

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1. Who is your favorite Disney animated character?

2. How often do you empty your spam filter (or trash)?

3. What website did you visit before this one?
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Only a couple people will get this but....


Oh yesterday.

One of the shows needs a live dog to run across stage. They told me this about a week and a half ago, so I have been issuing the request through the proper channels. Being the proper channels, they are taking a bit of time. Show opens on Friday.

Yesterday the dog showed up unannounced. And unapproved.

I scrambled, secured permission, laid down the rules. Then found out the dog was not going home after the rehearsal but would be our guest for the day.

I scrambled, secured permission for the dog to stay in the office. Then I went to find the directors and SM of the show.

It was like watching a 3-armed man point. "But K said it was okay!" "I asked A and she said we could!" "I asked K who'd given permission and she was snotty!" "A called the mom to tell her not to pick up the dog!"

As I was recounting the whole thing to my beloved, he just leaned across the table and said. "Next time this happens, ask yourself something very important: What Would Lauren Do?"