July 14th, 2005

Peep Fear

Best Things About A Bad Week

Yesterday, when I walked into the staff meeting and asked if someone would call my phone because I thought the voice mail had been changed but I wasn't sure if I had mis-dialed, the next thing I heard was 4 or 5 people leaving messages like "We know what you did, asshole." One staff member, who is one of the gentlest men I know, went to get coffee with Don and they were talking about what happened. He asked Don for my number and then excused himself. "I'd better make this call outside." The only bad thing about getting the phone shut off so quickly was that I never got to hear what he said. When I told him that, I got a very gentle hug and "Oh sweetheart, that's for the best."

The film kids are making a movie about shape-shifting aliens this year. I sat in on a production meeting where it was explained that they need permission to film a scene in a grocery store. The aliens go to get food, end up freaking out, running up and down the aisles madly and then vaporize a security guard. "But dont worry, the vaporizing happens off-camera."

We have a couple of autistic kids taking part in the program. One of the ideas is to keep them as integrated and involved as possible. We've talked about the fact they are there in meetings, but it still caught one person by surprise. He came up to me with a very earnest, freaked out expression (he's the only one I can see do it.)because he had yelled at the kid to focus during a class. "Nobody told me he's autistic. I thought he was a fuck-up."

Yesterday, in the midst of all the chaos trying to get kids to warm-ups, myself to a phone to call my phone service etc. etc., one girl comes bounding up to me. "Good morning. Because it's not a good morning until someone says "Good morning". Bye."
Ghost Light


1. If you could talk to anyone on the phone right now, who would you call?

2. Who was the last person you talked to?

3. In honor of userinfoteareaux, What is your best household tip...you know something like lemons in the disposal or something.
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Shameless Plug

It's ticket-selling season!

ATY's Summer Conservatory is in full swing and one of the things we do is get the kids pumped up about selling tickets to see the shows. One of the ways we get them excited is by offering special prizes for the top-selling kids of the day, week etc. and to the cast that sells the most tickets - things like t-shirts, copies of the new Harry Potter, headshots for the top sellers of each Conservatory, getting to dress up the staff member of their choice for a day, a chance for a trip to Hawaii....

We have been challenged, as a staff, to sell 10 tickets each this week and I need your help! The shows are July 29-31 and August 5-7. The first weekend we have the musical "Once on this Island", "Julius Caesar" with only 9 actors (8 of them women) and the Canadian legend "Inuk and the Sun". The second weekend is "A Wrinkle in Time", an original Musical the kids are making themselves from top to bottom (I can't even get a hint about that one so far) and a special double feature - The Radio Show "The Adventures of Tommy Higgins, a Boy with Imagination. This weeks's episode: Tommy Goes to Camp", where the kids do all the voices and sound effects live on stage, and a screening of the Movie (Aliens, I swear, one of the segments is about shape-shifting/body-snatching aliens.)

Tickets are just $10 for adults, $8 for kids under 18. If you are interested in more info about a show, I can post it and give exact times. If you can't come but want to help, every $10 donation counts as a ticket sold.

The best part - any tickets I sell I can put into a kid's envelope to help them on their way to a prize. if you know some of our kids, you can request helping them. (for example, userinfogeolinguist, your Lady Montagues are in Julius Caesar and the young lady you thought was so talented is in the musical. userinfoscooterpbakes, our boy Jake is doing tech as usual - and tech is just a few tickets behind Julius Caesar for top sales)

So, in conclusion, please, help some kids!