July 7th, 2005



Please be well, all.

I've ben considering if I should post questions today because they are rather frivolous ones in the face of everything else, but here goes..

1. Do you think it is fair to keep exotic animals as pets? Explain yourself.

2. Why did you apply for your current/most recent job?

3. How often do you walk just to go walking?

Up tonight - talk about ATY and tickets. Watch this space.
Ghost Light

July 16

userinfoghost_light says:

Warn Birthday...

Go Birthday.

5:00 on at Casa de Burner on Harry Potter Day. Come one, come all, come bearing cool dishes and yummy drinks.

Please RSVP below:


yes - I shall be there with bells on
no - I'm taking my crummy bells to another occasion
Undecided - to be or.....line?