July 3rd, 2005

Ghost Light


Spent yesterday in meetings and setting up the office for Conservatory. I left the party at Koots early to go to another party with Mark. His childhood friend Diana was back in town so all of their parents and other childhood friends came with their kids. It was really nice and laid back.

Watched Blade Trinity. Good concept swamped by hideous dialog buried in a craptacular film.

Slept in some today. Going to get a present for Mom and then will make an appearance at her party before going to the show.

One of Mark's big goals in theatre used to be that he would be "called". That he would be one of the people that directors as to take a part, not just to audition. It kind of slided by the wayside after the first time he was called. It was to take a part that he described as "there are bull riders who spend more time on that I did." In the last month he was called to be in The Character Workshop's annual operetta, Scared Scriptless' interactive/improve murder mystery and to take Frank's part in the reprise of The Bells of Geneva. He promised himself he was going to take the summer off, but he's decided to be in Bells. I'm really proud of him. He read the part at a staged reading long ago and it will be a great opportunity for him to show off his character work.