May 26th, 2005


This is my I can't have nice things

So far this week I've accidentally pulled a towel ring off the wall by doing nothing more than holding onto it while brushing my teeth and broken a shelf by resting my foot on it while reaching for something on a higher shelf. I think Mark is convinced I was swinging from the ring and climbing the shelves. Where is my goddamn Friday?

1. WHat have you broken this week?

2. What is your favorite color to wear?

3. what is at 2:00 from you right now as you face your computer screen?

I'm just a girl....make me something!

To those who love me and like to make pretty things, I find myself in need of 2 icons.

1 is a shirt I have been wanting since the last Star Wars movie - a picture of Yoda doing that kung-fu grip pose captioned "When Muppets Attack"

2 is from a shelving unit instruction sheet brought into the office yesterday. It says "Tool for assembly" and shows a picture of a very large hammer.

Please pass the bleach

Okay. I have finally seen Visitor Q.

I spent months looking for this movie pre-Netflix and almost broke down and ordered it off Amazon because I was so interested in seeing it.


That was a lot less of a horror movie than I expected. It's about equal parts Audition and John Waters.

I need a bath.

I didn't hate it, it wasn't bad just...damn.