April 22nd, 2005


An end to whinging

At least, I hope this title will be prophetic and not just pathetic.

I saw the Spine Doc. again today. Apparently feeling 85% better and having 3 flare-ups in about two weeks is.......(drum roll please) miraculous. He was delighted, especially since he admitted to skimping on the lanocaine in my shot (I bitched at him that I go NO instant relief and he fessed up). I think he might have given me a low dose of the steroids too since it took 3 days for them to kick in but I will give him the out of my being just a little duck since I feel better. I told him about having a place that is sore to the touch when I have flare-ups and he kind of muttered that he might have pushed too much with the needle or targeted an overly-ouchy place and left a boo-boo. He checked to make sure it was feeling better today and he's secure in the fact that spot might just take a little longer to settle down.

I got to ask him about the diagnosis since last time we just talked about what it wasn't. He explained, again, that it is almost certainly not Titsze Syndrome and the best he could come up with it that it was another "Syndrome-like hyper-articulation of the ligaments that hold the ribs to the spine. Sometimes when this is bad, one might feel a radiating pain into the ribs..." So this is because I'm double-jointed? Yeah. Oh, I did ask the therapist a few weeks ago and I am quite certainly in the upper percentile of those who have loose ligamentation. I am the Queen of the Stretchy People. It's common in people from where I am from, the Northwest, it's the over-fluoridation in the water. (Bonus cookies to those who know where that butchered reference comes from AND did not see it in my living room)

The Doc harped at me to go to the gym and row, I showed him the exercises from the therapist and he shut up. "Those are good. You stick with these." Yeah, just have to remember to do them. I feel lit a perfect git working out with my 2 pound pussy pink dumbells.

Anywho, that is me - a little achy today but with a brand-new Naproxen prescript and one for Flexoral. Is that an arthritis thing? (Oh, just an FYI to anyone else on Naproxen. Although it is a muscle relaxant, they are finding it might have the same heart-related buggery that has been found in Celebrex. I asked the Doc about getting a heavy-duty anti-inflammatory or at least a refill for the relaxant and we had a chat about which might be best. He wanted me to pick and I insisted on a recommendation.)

I must take it easy this weekend, being all mobile and feeling good has me feeling a little sore.


Mark, userinfogeolinguist and I went to see Sin City tonight. Why did no one tell me Rutger Hauer and Michael Madsen were in this movie? I might have been more excited.

My spoiler-free critique?

Chapter 1 - made me sad. I'm too young for Bruce Willis to be 60. I'm sorry, I'm still 24. He's not 60. I was also very, very bothered by the fact they showed Rutger Hauer with no hair at all. I was a massive fan of his back in the day and I remember him giving interviews talking about the fact he was losing his hair and he was convinced he would have no career once his hair was gone. It just made me sad.

Chapter 2 - that was the best Tom Waits song EVER

Chapter 3 - made me want a tattoo

Chapter 4 - 4th verse same as the first.

In related news: am I am asshole for saying a friend is in an "I Hate everything" stage because it proves that he has seen and done enough for him to have a groundwork for critiquing what has come after?

And finally - I have decided to see the latest Star Wars movie simply to finish the journey. I don't need for it to be great. I don't need for it to suck. It will be a movie. That is enough.
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