April 21st, 2005


Paging Doctor Freud....

It's my day off. It's also before 9am and I'm sitting here all bleary eyed, fuzzy-headed and NOT going back to bed for love or money. Well, love would be nice, but Mark already went to work so....

...anyway. "Why am I up?" you are probably not wondering at all? I am not taking any chances about falling back into whatever symbolic wasteland my subconscious was weaving for me.

I was dreaming about the tour. Again. This happens pretty often. I was dreaming that I was in a strange theater on what was probably the last tour stop, sitting behind a sound board that I had never seen in my life. Apparently my dream-self got cocky and figured I could now run anything with no preparation. Guess what. I can't even figure out how this machine is numbering the tracks and I have spent so much time on it that I haven't given the actors any calls. The CD rolls over into track 2, the first cue of the show, and I can't figure out how to make it stop so the actors just start the show.

Somehow, the dream fast-forwarded over this part, I make it through the show and it goes well. I have no idea how, in life or in the dream, apparently, because the same problems happen in the second show.

This one if definitely closing night, because all the actors are making curtain speeches and giving flowers to members of the audience and then I fuck up the sound cue and the show starts 25 minutes late. And I keep fucking up sound cues; fairy noises are appearing at court, staff effects happening while the staff is off-stage, massive hilarity and I'm in sobbing hysterics back at that god damned sound board.

Then. Bagpipes.

I start hearing bagpipes in the middle of a lovers' scene.

I loathe bagpipes to the core of my being. Not the "yeah, they suck but their kind of cool" but a genuine want-to-leave-the-room-rudely hatred of them. There are now bagpipes on my set. And a lot of people dancing and marching. And the lovers are marching and dancing with them. Mark, the director and I rush to watch and I look up at the director and say "I think we've been invaded by someone's Henry V" just before they all chant "Hen-ry-The-FIFTH" in unison.

I woke up then, luckily, left with the image of me chasing the director yelling "See? SEE! Henry V!"

I don't wanna sleep anymore.