January 2nd, 2005



userinfogeolinguist stopped by yesterday to meet my new fish, Persephone and, being a long-time betta babysitter, he lifted her skirt to discover Persephone is actually a boy fish.

I'm not that surprised, but it does create a delema that you, my dear readers, get to help me resolve

Poll #411662 Name the Fishie

Should his name be...

Let him stay Persephone, he's FAAAAAB-U-LUSSSS!
Bruce , since he likes to hover under his food and then pounce.
Lysander, it's nice to honor the show I'm currently SM-ing
Hal, since it's one of my favorite names for a kid and I'll probably never talk Mark into using it
Other - leave in comments
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Today was a good day.

I went to a Scriptless rehearsal for the first time in months. Every time I think I've made up my mind to quit, I get treated like the prodigal son and convinced that they still love me and adore working with me however infrequent my appearances are. We did a trust game tonight - that stupid thing where your close your eyes and stand with your feet together and let everyone push you around the circle. Just as I opened my mouth to tell them I needed to stop because the motion was hurting my rib, 3 of them noticed I was wincing and called a very, very worried halt to the game. I'm going to play on Saturday even though I will miss Friday's rehearsal, Jason decreed it so.

Today I also got proof that Mark has been hanging around techies too much. We were talking about taking down the Christmas tree today and he actually phrased it "and we can take off the instruments..... Ornaments! Strike the lamps!!"