December 31st, 2004

Ghost Light

And Another Year Bites the Dust

The computer froze up and ate my previous entry. Annoying, but luckily nothing containing a cure for cancer or the answer to all my employment jitters. I was mostly reflecting on how we spent last New Year's and what was to come tonight. Last year Mark and I hosted a LAN party, but by the time the ball dropped it had turned into being soused on the couch flipping between Univision, Iron Chef and The Twilight Zone. We're going to a party at M&M's this year, eventually. So far I've taken a nap and seen my favorite Twilight Zone for probably the first time in 20 years. I was almost afraid it wouldn't be as good as I remembered, but I enjoyed it.


It's a little belated, but I wanted to take a moment and revisit the resolutions made at last year's party:


Tom resolves to get a car - I know he had one for at least a little while, but it was a serious POS and finally gave up the ghost a few weeks ago

userinfogeolinguist resolves to use his health insurance less than he did in 2003 - This is a point of contention between us - I say going to the ER fewer times counts, he counts by the number of times he had to whip out the card. userinfokahteeyah resolves to pay off her credit card - No idea, you'll have to ask her. userinfoscooterpbakes resolves to leave the country and the continent in 2004 - Not unless there is something he forgot to share with the class...

Mark resolves to get a better car - Well, he got a newer car, so I asked him if he feels it is actually better than our old car: "Let me think about that......Fuck Yes!"


And userinfoghost_light ?

I will no longer do theatre for free. - Hmm...well, techincally I was never paid for the Dog Show, but I did not agree to do it for free and I didn't forfit my salary, it was just the company closed without having the funds to make good.. I did work the Theatre Conference tribute for Kokopelli without pay, but no one there gets money, only prestige and I think Mr. Guare being nice to me the following day counts....I suppose I made it.


Now what to resolve this year....


I will drive. Outside of Anchorage.


Probably with a van-load of actors, but it will happen. That is my latest crisis, the Opera is asking if I will be able to work for them but it would take time away from ATY. More and more decisions.