June 3rd, 2004

Pinky & the Brain

POintless :)

and now... Silly meme where we type our name with different body parts borrowed from userinfostagemanager

nose: t03609y6u76

elbow: ghosdty-l;ighjnty

tongue: you can't PAY me to lick this keyboard. No way.

Chin: yhjuoetoliyt6t

feet: (ask me again why I'm NOT licking the keyboard...) ghost


one hand, eyes closed: ghost

Back of hand: bghoxst_{lihyt

Palm: bn ol9sdg5tl,ikbhgnjg5t

Mouse: ghost6-light

wrist: hh;psxty

On Capes, Crashes, Cookies and Crystals

I keep trying to update but I just don't seem to have the will to get all the words out of my head and string them together into real thoughts. ATY has been keeping me very, very busy. They made their previous offer official - I'm working part time this month and full-time next with a hope to stay on full-time after that. I haven't heard any more from the Center, which is alright for now. I'll be working there all summer with ATY so I'll be able to bother them as I need to I guess.

I actually got to leave ATY after only 6 hours today. I'm only supposed to be half time, after all, which kind of works if you look at the way I tend to put in 12 hour days when I do theatre. (I'm baking cookies for the garage/bake sale we're holding tomorrow as I write this.) This afternoon I went downtown and did some shopping for piratical tidbits for the Fair. I got some stockings and a bandanna. Then I added a cigarette/ID case with a Jolly Roger on it and 2 t-shirts. One of those was for Mark though.

The Toad shows are going very well. I feel like I'm actually able to stay in tune most of the time and I'm getting brave enough to belt. I still haven't seen my costume, but people who have seen the skirt being worked on say it is adorable. I'm really looking forward to Saturday now.

It's been one hell of a week. Starting the week from the plane crash. Yes - reports were not exaggerated. The plane that went down in our neighborhood apparently was very, very close to making our roof the top news story, but the pilot managed to veer, went down the alley and smacked into one right on the edge of 15th. One of the back wheels came off and shot right across 15th at the peek of rush-hour, but managed to do it during a break in traffic so it made it all the way across the street and into a parking lot where it finally took out a parked car. An SUV if memory serves. Mark and I were playing City of Heroes when the plane came down. I heard the noise, Mark missed it somehow. It sounded a great deal like a chainsaw gone bad, then a thump and we lost all power. For a moment I thought it might have been some asshole with a chainsaw. The aftermath in the neighborhood was just amazing. There must have been 200 people walking around trying to see what happened. We got all our news from listening to people walk by.

Mark decided it would be as good of a time as any to work on the yard so I was sort of flitting back and forth between watching/helping him with that and calling people. One of my trips out I stepped on something hard on the sidewalk, went to kick it into the driveway and noticed it was a cracked geode. I've only ever seen them in gift shops before, so it immediately went to a place of honor on the junk shelves near the TV.

Well, the cookies are done and my tummy is warning me one meal is not going to cut it today, so I should go find some dinner. More later.