March 8th, 2004

Ghost Light


There is a cat in my house again.

Mark and I were watching cable (Signs, in fact) and I noticed it was snowing really hard. All of the sudden, I got a wild hair up my ass to go take a walk in the snow since it looked so beautiful and it might be one of the last snowstorms of the year. We were walking straight down Hyder and all of the sudden this van stops, swerves and drives on. Out in the middle of the street is a cat I swear was not there moments before. We went and looked for footprints in case it was just a case of the driver swerving to miss a local cat out for a walk but it did look like there was a little circle of prints next to the van tracks but none leading to that place.

So we coaxed him out and the cat let Mark carry him the entire 7 or 8 blocks home. He's pretty well-fed and very calm and friendly, but he has a huge scar behind one ear and another across the bridge of his nose. Mark thinks the one behind his ear looks like a cigarette burn.

I'm calling him Tybalt.

Anyone want a cat?

A Night Off

I spent a good part of the day catching up on piddly little errands - calling people, setting up press for an ANSP event, sitting with Tybalt. I was so worried about the little guy. It looks like he has terrible ear mites, he's just itched himself bloody, and he just slept all day long. Now that it's after 9 and he's eaten some more, he seems more active and affectionate. Could be he is just a night owl, but it seems like he isn't feeling well. We're going to take him to a clinic tomorrow.

That's really been about it today. I didn't have to start rehearsals for Romeo and Juliet yet, so I found some cheat codes for Kung Fu Chaos and I've been shopping around for a new icon. I can't decide what I want yet though.