February 28th, 2004


Also in the last week

I went to Kokopelli's fund raiser. Kari came up with a wonderful idea which really paid off. She took 5 plays, 3 set in restaurants, one kind of linked to it (espresso was a theme), and one by a local playwright (which was great but had nothing in common with the rest of the night)and cast all waiters and waitresses in the parts. Only one was an experienced actor and they all had so much fun! I think Mark was the only person there who was in theatre and hadn't worked with Kokopelli before. Most of the rest of the crowd were friends of the actors and people I don't think had even set foot in a theatre before.

It was great to see "The Sure Thing" on stage again. I haven't since an improv troupe I was in did a collection of Ives plays. "The Greener Side" I'm sure will pop up around town more. It was a great script about 2 guys watering their lawns and accusing each other of killing people and pets to make the grass greener. It was a little jarring because it was the only thing off-theme. Mt favorite was Aoise Stratford's "Elephants and Coffee" where a woman meets what might be an elephant on a street corner. Of course, he might also be simply a small, near-sighted man in a very wrinkled grey suit. It's just a charming little script. Mark completely missed my favorite line in it. "I know it's weird to be waiting for him in a graveyard, but we all come here eventually, right?"

Glacier Brewhouse and Orso donated the food for after, so I made an utter pig of myself on prosciutto, salmon spread and giant capers. It was almost as bad as the "Greater Tuna incident" where I went to the show thinking it was the pay-what-you-can preview and found out it was a special fund raiser for the Poetry League. I had to pay twice what I expected, but it was my only chance to see the show, so I ate the $20 difference in tuna sandwiches and carrot sticks at the after-party. One of the other highlights of the night was asking an actor how userinfoexpatriate was doing as a stage manager for "Barefoot in the Park" He just started gushing about "Oh! he brought his girlfriend with him so we have a backstage crew finally and they are so cute! They are utterly inseparable!"

A bunch of us from "Salute to the Iditarod" (which is still getting small houses - send your kids!!) snuck in to see act 2 of "Sweeney Todd" the other night. It was their first tech with lights, so there were a lot of problems but the leads were wonderful. I love that music so much and actually being in the room with it was breathtaking. I saw it done by a high school group in Edinburgh this summer, but of course it could barely compare.

Jodi and Sarah have never seen any of the show before so I spent a lot of it answering "Who's that?" and "Now wait, did he rape the wife too because I don't want to like him." Jimmy is having a lot of fun playing Tobias, you can just tell, and Brent is amazing as always. What's cracking me up is that since then, people have been stopping me in the hall backstage to ask what I thought of their tech.