January 1st, 2004



Pretty tame New Year's. We hosted a LAN party for Diablo, much to the amusement of at least one of our friends who mocked us for hours earlier this week and then showed up. It would be hard to beat last year, though. We were watching Univision at Krista and Carl's just so we'd have the countdown without being distracted by all the talk. A room full of people spontaneously joined in the countdown...."Cinco! Quatro! Tres! Dos! Uno! FELIZ NAVIDAD!!!!!!" I did not laugh so hard again for the entirety of 2003.

This year, Tom, Paul, Kathy, Scott, Mark and I flipped between Twilight Zone (when I had the remote) Univision and Iron Chef and we actually made resolutions....which are the reason I am on at 12:10. Let's see how we do

Tom resolves to get a car
Paul resolves to use his health insurance less than he did in 2003
Kathy resolves to pay off her credit card
Scott resolves to leave the country and the continent in 2004
Mark resolves to get a better car

And me?

I will no longer do theatre for free.

I have to go now, they need my eagle eye for spotting the stereotypes at this Iron Chef Battle
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