December 27th, 2003

Ghost Light

Return of the King: Take 2

Christmas was pretty mellow. After all of the family obligations we got together with Scott, Kathy, Paul and Tom to try to see THE MOVIE. We got there a little late and realized that at 3 minutes to 8:00, we were still about 80th in line to get tickets for the 8:00 movie so we just went back to our house to watch part of the South Park DVD Tom gave me and then introduce everyone to Firefly.

Mark had to work on the 26th, which stunk. I watched Simpsons (thanks, Jen!) and tried to clean up for a while until I got a Simple Green overdose.

The Heiress went pretty well. We had a talker repeating everyone's lines to the point we almost had to restrain Molly to keep her from kicking her ass as part of the curtain call. Mark finally bought himself a copy of Max Payne since no one bought it as a Christmas gift, so we hurried home to watch more Firefly and then get him set up to play that last night.

All in all, pretty good days aside from Amazon being a bastard about returns, but that is another story.