December 13th, 2003


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Good day but a crappy night.

I went to lunch with Kathy and then over to keep Paul company for a while. My body is turning tattle-tale on me. I decided to ignore the list of things I should cut back on and have nice hot and sour soup anyway...I was getting Margot Kidder voice right there at the table.

Paul seems to be doing really well. He wound up the poor kitty for me and then we decided to watch one of the movies Tom had rented for him. He was in a frivolous sort of mood so the choices included Nightmare Before Christmas, Serial Mom and The Killer Condom. Guess which one we picked.

Being a Troma movie, Killer Condom was neither porn nor horror but so relentlessly goofy it had me using the phrase "Here condom...yummy yummy penis...." for hours and Paul and I giggling across the room to each other "Cop!" "Billy" as his pain meds kicked in.

The Heiress went well. I got an apple juice bath for the second night in a row, though. I have no idea what I am doing differently, but I just can't keep the glasses upright on the tray after the first set change. David and Liz came to see the show. He declared my maid costume "So adorable I just want to order you around" and followed that with asking me to work on The Seagull this spring.

SantaLand was....well.....two reviewers came. I screwed up a sound cue quite obviously and Rob was really thinking about the review and not in the show. It was not our best work. I'm really worried about the show.

Hot Damn!

One package from Amazon arrived yesterday, the other should be here momentarily and I just got notice that my stuff from Cafe Press shipped.

It's official - everything I've ordered for Christmas is on it's way to me!!!


Now I just need to get it shipped off to everyone else.

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