December 12th, 2003


The one you've been waiting for

I just can't stop reading it. It's like a train wreck in print. I found it at 2:00 yesterday morning and I can't stop reading it. We actually had to cancel last night's show because only 2 people came. We went out for beers and fried food at Humpy's instead. Of course, most of the conversation centered around which one of Catherine's relatives Rob must have done wrong to get a review like that.

The Press review for Heiress came out yesterday too. That was a fun few hours, realizing there could be 2 pans in the future but Muro came forth with one of his usual raves.

Mark finally got to see Mighty Wind. It was a lot better the second time, I though. My "Best Movie Moment of 2003", hands down --- "Are those lights up there safe? I think I can see a cord..." *SMACK!* I still think Best of Show is my favorite of all of them, especially after having the image of Harry Shearer in a dress burned into my retinas again. Mark was the one to correctly spot Stiffler's Mom in the cast, though. I think I was too giddy from the techie's revenge to catch that one.