December 10th, 2003


Snowball is playing a dangerous game

Well, the show opened! I think it is the first time I actually got so "into the moment" stage managing even I can't tell you objectively how it went. It was great, things just flew by and the audience really seemed to love it.

I finished re-reading Logan's Run last night. I'd forgotten how good it actually was! There were parts that really reminded me of Ira Levin's futuristic novel about trying to escape from utopia. I really wish I had the rest of the trilogy, now. Dumb old Slystalker, borrowing it and then falling off the face of the world.

I also, finally, finished Neil Gaiman's Smoke and Mirrors. I saw three of the stories for that adapted into short plays for the Fringe and I have a total burn on to try to adapt two others myself. Just monologue plays, I think. might be fun with the action happening in the background as a dumb-show if I can find a magician who does the box trick really well.....

Not much else to ramble about. Just getting ready to hang up posters and do a bit of Christmas shopping. Amazon had to split my order so the cards I splurged on haven't even been sent yet. Just watch - they'll get here around the 23rd.

It's the most craptacular time of the year

As if we needed more hints the bus system is utterly fucked up...

when I moved here, they did a special promotion to thank the riders and riding was free Dec. through Feb. Then they discovered too many homeless people were using the bus to stay warm so they cut it back to just Feb. This year? A candy cane on Dec. 16 and a fare hike.

I did pick up something for my aunt and her roommate though, and priced some things for my folks. I'm trying to decide if I should get them a joint gift of some art work or get dad smoked salmon and something for mom. I have an odd urge to buy her Finding Nemo....

I also got the tree up, but it looks rather mangy and the big pointer branch for the topper is wedged up against the ceiling. Poor tree. It looks like Paul or Tom trying to stand up straight.
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