December 4th, 2003

Ghost Light

It's Begining to Look a Lot Like Tech Week....

Went out for sushi with Kathy last night. She was upset that he boyfriend's flight back from visiting his family was delayed, both by outward circumstances and an inability to figure out travel plans. They thought he was going to be home at 6:30 so they could have a nice quiet night together, poor Scott won't be seen until after Midnight. So....we went to try Rock and Roll Sushi that just opened down the street. I really liked the tempura roll, but they were kind of stingy in portions for what we paid and they didn't offer soup or rice to go with things.

After that, I was a little late getting to Cyrano's to tech Santaland Diaries. Between those 10 minutes and realizing we had to spike the set of The Heiress before we could do anything? Off to a bad start. Tech for a 1 hour show took over 5. Poor Rob didn't even get to rehearse tonight, it was just Don and I fighting over sound levels. There are more than 40 cues in this show, some of them going something to the effect of 'voice over on player B, start carol on player A immediately, pause B, cue up next voice over, turn down sound on A, play B, raise sound on A, pause, cue, play B, change tracks on A while B is playing, start A.' This will be brown trousers time.
Tonight, The Heiress starts playing again and I have more Santaland afterward, so it should be fun!


The Heiress was canceled tonight. Mark is still feeling awful and about 1:00 Elle called to ask for advice on how to tell Jerry she's been running a 100+ fever and coughing so hard it's making her heave for 2 days. Luckily Jerry decided it wasn't THAT important for Judy Rasmuson to see the show before she goes back to New York and the cast got a night off. Which means I get to start working on Santaland 2 whole hours earlier and will maybe see my bed before midnight. I also spent part of the day plotting the sound and props for Born Yesterday so I can had those to our designers at the first read-through and hopefully avoid putting out any "Oh SHIT! We open in 2 days and we still need ____!!" calls this time.