Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Yet another Sims Report

The Rossi family Report:

Saffron reached her life-goal of becoming Captain Hero already and took an early retirement to spend more time writing a best selling series of detective novels inspired by her life on the force.

Brian is well on his way to becoming a general and he still hopes that one of the children will follow in his footsteps. He is realizing they are both too fond of the hydroponic station his sister left in the house for that really to work out, though.

Corbin became a teenager and finally ditched the strange blue elf hat he always wore for long hair and a leather jacket. He still looks as though he took a few hits from the ugly stick, though.

Carmen just got a makeover (courtesy of userinfogeolinguist). It was nice to see her trade the traditional family shag-cut for long hair and glasses. She also has a job which she loves.

And....Carmen and Corbin are in looooooove! They are adorable just sitting there doing their homework together. One of them wants to become a hall of famer, one dreams of being chief of staff at Barbecue General Hospital. Can you guess which is which?
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