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Another Sims Update

Endicott family matron, Adriana, passed away yesterday. She achieved her life goal of nagging her 3 daughters into college degrees and was welcomed into the afterlife with a pina colada. Overcome with grief, her husband Christoper mouthed off at a press conference and was ejected from the bowlers hall of fame. He still practices daily in the little alley set up behind their home.

Sonnet and Adam Graham welcomed a new baby to the family. Little Emma was born during her grandparent's anniversary party and promptly became the center of attention. Her proud papa jumped straight up in the air and thought about a promotion at work. Apparently this will be a trend in Emma's life. On her transition day from baby to toddler, her mother took her to the cake....and then right off to work with her. (I was thinking she was going to grow up to be a diva-type, but she may end up a tough business woman at this rate.) Emma's big brother Ethan finally traded in his Baby New Year costume for a pair of bearfoot pjs. I'm not certain which is cuter.

Saffron and Brian Rossi (yes, they will still be the Rossi's even if he was forward thinking and took her name) continue to be happily married. Brian's sister, Shenene, came to stay with them for a while with her adopted son, Corbin. Corbin is just the same age as his cousin Carmen and the two have become best friends. Shenene married her boyfriend Timothy Pai in a small, private ceremony held in the backyard. Sadly, Timothy's job required them to relocate but Corbin decided to stay with his aunt,uncle and cousin. Carmen was delighted.

Meanwhile, downtown, Sorrel Endicott (still my favorite) renewed her relationship with the head vampire in town and gave birth to twin girls, Josette and Cassandra. Her roommate, Lucy Miller, doesn't seem to mind who Sorrel is with just so long as Sorrel continues to save her dumb ass from Death every other morning. (Lucy has a bad habit of wanting to climb out of her coffin for a morning constitutional and forgets to climb back in when she gets uncomfortable. We need some chlorine for the Miller gene pool.) Sorrel's son, Quinten, traded in his favorite fuzzy pink pjs for a fabulous little vest that has me singing "YMCA" every time I see him. So far Quinten is a knowledge sim who hates studying, loves one of his sisters, and wants to be a mad scientist if he every graduates from high school.

The 4th Endicott sister, Sage, remains dead.
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