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2019 Media List

The Bill Murray Stories: Life Lessons Learned from a Mythical Man
Shaun of the Dead
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
Bruce Springsteen on Broadway
The Invitation
The Taking of Pelham One Two Three
The Black Hole
Bad Times at the El Royale
Solo: A Star Wars Story
Sad Hill Unearthed
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Reservoir Dogs
How to Get Ahead in Advertising
The Big Lebowski
Fish Story
Easy Rider
The Aristocrats
The Evil Dead
A Fistful of Dollars
A Few Dollars More
Murder Party
Evil Dead 2
Withnail and I
As Above, So Below
Black Panther
Are We Not Cats
Raiders of the Lost Ark
9 to 5
Happy Death Day
Halloween 2
Beneath the Planet of the Apes
Escape from the Planet of the Apes
Prom Night
Sleepaway Camp
Await Further Instructions
Psycho 2
The NeverEnding Story
Lilo and Stitch
Oh God
The Emperor's New Groove
Period. End of Sentence.
United Skates of America
Truth or Dare
Dawn of the Dead
When a Stranger Calls
The Wiz
Kevin Smith: Too Fat for Forty
Dead at the Door
Down By Law
Last Year at Marienbad
Captain Marvel
Avengers: End Game
Kung Fu Hustle
Ninja Assassin
The Hateful Eight: Extended Cut
West Side Story
The Wandering Earth
Halloween 3: Season of the Witch
Still Laugh-In: The Stars Celebrate
Rim of the World
Battle Beyond the Stars
Fyre Fraud
Bohemian Rhapsody
Beverly Hills Cop
Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Meyer
Child's Play
Beverly Hills Cop 2
Professor Marston and the Wonder Women
Doomed: The Untold Story of Roger Corman's the Fantastic Four
Life After Tomorrow
Texas Chainsaw Massacre: A Family Portrait
Once Upon a Deadpool
Mary Poppins
John Wick
Do the Right Thing
Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers
Beyond the Gates
Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins Returns
Still Crazy
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse
The Avengers
Halloween: H20
Eat Locals
Halloween: Resurrection
Amazing Grace and Chuck
The Princess and the Frog
Mean Girls
A Nightmare On Elm Street
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Tuck Everlasting
The Maltese Falcon
John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum
Dead and Breakfast
Todd and the Book of Pure Evil: The End of the End
The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
Mommie Dearest
The Babysitter
Saving Mr. Banks
A Good Marriage
The Most Dangerous Game
Raging Bull
3 From Hell
Horror Noire: a History of Black Horror
A Vampire in Brooklyn
The Ten Steps
Cabin Fever
Ready or Not
In the Tall Grass
Don't Look Now
The Furies
The Changeling
Batman: The Killing Joke
Insidious Chapter 2
One Cut of the Dead
Insidious Chapter 3
Spider-Man: Far from Home
Behind the Mask: the Rise of Leslie Vernon
Happy Death Day 2 U

Television Series:
The Magicians season 3
A Series of Unfortunate Events season 3
The Handmaid's Tale season 1
Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 2
The Haunting of Hill House
The Final Table
Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 3
Russian Doll
Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 4
The Good Place season 1
The Good Place season 2
Chopped season 29
The Kirlian Frequency season 1
Chopped season 27
Twin Peaks season 1
Umbrella Academy season 1
The Kirlian Frequency season 1
The Expanse season 1
Terry Jones' Barbarians
Love Death and Robots season 1
Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 5
The Marvelous Mrs. Mazel season 2
Trailer Park Boys: the Animated Series
Freakish season 1
Freakish season 2
The Magicians season 4
Barney Miller season 1
Street Food volume 1: Asia
Masterchef Junior season 1
The Tick season 2
Barney Miller season 2
King Lear episode 1
Game of Thrones season 8
Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6
The Good Place season 1
Letterkenny season 1
Masterchef Junior season 2
Letterkenny season 2
Letterkenny season 3
Letterkenny season 4
Barney Miller season 4
Masterchef Junior season 3
Letterkenny season 1
Black Mirror season 5
Good Omens
Masterchef Junior season 4
Cosmic Laundromat: First Cycle
Bob's Burgers aeason 9
Letterkenny season 5
Master Chef Junior season 5
The Good Place season 2
Letterkenny season 6
Letterkenny season 1
Letterkenny season 2
GLOW season 3
Letterkenny season 3
The Boys season 1
Masterchef Junior season 6
Trailer Park Boys season 1
Mindhunter season 2
Letterkenny season 4
Letterkenny season 5
Good Eats: Reloaded
The Good Place season 3
Letterkenny season 6
Eli Roth's History of Horror
Letterkenny season 5
What We Do in the Shadows season 1
Letterkenny season 7

Uncle Pirate
Piper in the Woods (audio)
A Magical History of Kris Kringle
Evil Dead the Musical
Evil Dead the Musical (High School Edition)
The Princess Capers
The Complete Novels of Jane Austen: Now New and Improved!
Nobody's Listening
Dorothy Meets Alice
The Penultimate Peril: A Series of Unfortunate Events (audio)
Twisted Tales of Poe: the Radio Play
Aurelia's Magic
The Princess Capers (One Act Version)
The End: A Series of Unfortunate Events (audio)
Choose Your Own Oz
Harriet the Spy
The Selfish Giant
The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley Jr.
Come to the Circus
Jack Juggler
The Flying Doctor
Life After Life (audio)
Laura Ingalls Wilder: Voice of the Prarie
A Laura Ingalls Wilder Christmas
Stuart Little
Frozen Jr.
Mary Poppins Jr.
Little House on the Prarie: The Musical
Rabbit in Red (audio)
The Bardy Bunch High School Edition
Up to You
A Kiss Before Dying (audio)
The Witch of Blackbird Pond
Psycho 2 (audio)
The Witch of Blackbird Pond
Psycho House (audio)
Star Stars: The Franchise Awakens
Musical Theatre Geeks!
Hello, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle!
The Velveteen Daughter (audio)
Grim Scary Tales: Crusade of Terror!
Horrorstöre (audio)
Grim Scary Tales: The Pirate's Curse
The Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow
Ben and the Magic Paintbrush
The Defenders (audio)
Lions in Illyria
Mill Girls
The Actor Games
A Mid-Summer Night's Dream the Musical
The Adventures of Super Margaret
Dystopia! The Hungry Maze Game of Divergent Death!
The Good Neighbor: The Life and Work of Fred Rogers (audio)
The Velveteen Rabbit
True West (audio)
Space Girl
The Hunger Games (audio)
A Company of Players
Catching Fire (audio)
Mockingjay (audio)
The Ants and the Grasshoppers: a Musical Play
The Ants and the Grasshoppers
Hammered: a Thor and Loki Play
Mirror of Most Value: a Ms. Marvel Play
Squirrel Girl Goes to College: a Squirrel Girl Play
Animal Plays
Tuck Everlasting: Theatre for Young Audiences Edition
Tuck Everlasting (audio)
Let the Right One In
-The Velveteen Rabbit
Circus Time!
Tuck Everlasting (audio)
The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane
The Outsiders
I Hate Shakespeare
Dirk Smirk: Secret Agent
Twilight Children: Three Voices No One Heard Until a Therapist Listened (audio)
The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane (audio)
Tuck Everlasting
Getting to Know...Footloose
Getting to Know...Once Upon a Mattress
Once Upon a Mattress
Climate Change Theatre Action 50 One-Act Plays
32 Finger Plays for Young Children
William Shakespeare's Get Thee...Back to the Future
Alice in Wonderland Jr
Stuart Little
12 Angry Villains
Redwall: The Legend of Redwall Abbey
The Great Gilly Hopkins (audio)
Stuart Little
A Winnie-the-Pooh Christmas Tail
Peter Pan: The British Musical
Attack of the Vampire Pigs
Nightmares to Perform
Little Grey Cloud
A Pirate's Tale
The Man Who Loved Clocks
The Sect of the Idiot (audio)

New Kid
Junie B. Jones the Musical Jr.
The Diary of Anne Frank
William Shakespeare's Long-Lost First Play (Abridged)
The Vagina Monologues
Spenaudville VII
OK Go: the Live Video Tour
VivaVoom Presents: One Night Stand: Devil May Bare
La Boheme
Julius Caesar
Tea for Three: Lady Bird, Pat and Betty
The Comedy of Errors
The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley Jr.
The Princess Capers
9th Annual Stories at the Cemetery
Boeing Boeing
Whale Fat Follies- The Farewell Tour
The Improvised Shakespeare Company

Live Music:
Nervis Rex at Matanuska Brewing Company
Meagan Hayes and the Gamma Rays at the Whale's Tail
Rogues and Wenches at 907 Alehouse

Podcast Seasons:
The Bright Sessions
Welcome to Night Vale season 6
Now Playing's Halloween Retrospective Series
The Alexandria Archives
Now Playing's Texas Chainsaw Massacre Retrospective Series
Now Playing's Saw Retrospective Series
Eli Roth's History of Horror