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Tragedy and Joy in Barbecue Hill

A Sims update from Barbecue Hill.

Well. Saffron did indeed marry Brian Rossi. But he went and took her name. I am going to ignore that and just think of them as the Rossi family. They have a beautiful baby girl named Carmen.

Sonnet, the eldest of the 4 girls and the only one Christoper had with his Professor Ayanna Jones, fell in love with her Professor, Adam Graham, and dropped out of school to marry him. They have a fine baby boy named Ethan and another on the way.

Sorrel, the eldest of Christoper and his wife, Adriana's children (and my favorite) is still a vampire. She had a boy she named Quinten with her college boyfriend, Simon Shaw, before they stopped speaking to each other. She now lives with her friend Lucy Miller, who is also a vampire, and his getting the urge to have another baby. Perhaps a poll with her baby's daddy options will be coming soon.

And Sage, poor Sage. After she graduated from college and found a nice little house in the downtown area she contracted a serious case of amnesia and was unable to remember any of her friends or family. Her addled-brain led her to a career as a slacker and to fall in love with a former enemy. All seemed as though it could be an interesting new beginning for Sage, until she stayed out on a date well after dawn and died the moment she returned home. No amount of time manipulation could save her. It has yet to be determined if anyone remembers her well enough to raise her from the dead.

So far the next generation of Endicotts looks promising, though Quinten is a little too fond of his fuzzy pink pajamas......
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