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Ghost Light

Yep, it's Conservatory time again. I put in my first 15-hour day yesterday. I went in early so I could work on the schedule and then went over to the duplex to wait for the guys to deliver the furniture. They were supposed to arrive between 1 and 4 but pulled in at 6, which meant that by the time they had everything in and assembled there was no time to get home before going to the airport to pickup our first staff member at 8:30. Luckily the second staff member's plane came in closer to 10:40 than 11:00 so I got home a bit early from that.

I spoke with Gevart's medical assistant again yesterday. I am doing better, but still getting bad twinges and flares from certain movements and will get pretty ached up if I sit or stand for too long. I have an appointment for the fluoroscopic shots on Thursday (the same time as the walk-through at the PAC, of course). They will have to put me on an IV,so I need to get there an hour before. They don't know if they will have to sedate me or not, but if they do I will not be able to join the walk-through or do anything else for the rest of the day.

Ack, gotta fly to catch my bus...
Tags: chronic pain, theatre
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