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Forgive me, Livejournal for I have sinned...'s been 10 days since my last update.

But what a 10 days they have been.

Family stuff - Mark's Dad and Stepmom (Dad and Ila) just came back for the summer. They have already bought planters and new flowers for the back and front yards. We've had 2 BBQ's with them in 3 or 4 days, I even got to make my salt and rosemary roasted shrimp and that always makes me happy. Dad and Ila want to start having a game night every Tuesday. I think the first one will be a theme night, Mexican Train and tacos, but they have also talked about teaching us 3:13. Mark's Stepdad, Ed, had bypass surgery last week. His recovery has not been as fast as they hoped - they projected releasing him from ICU the same day but then had to go in to control some bleeding and over the next couple of days being on a respirator he developed pneumonia. We have been to see him a few times but he has always been asleep. I guess they finally got to remove the tube today and he is sitting up and breathing on his own. He might even be out of ICU when we go to see him tonight.

What I've seen - Mark, userinfoscooterpbakes
,userinfokahteeyah and I went to see X3. It didn't suck, but it wasn't that good either. I think they really underused a lot of the new characters, which was a shame. It was good enough it made me miss my old X-Mush character, though. Mark and I also went to see Skin of Our Teeth. I agree with a lot of the reviewers that said they play had not entirely passed the test of time, but I did enjoy it. I thought act 3 was the weakest, but that was the place where the actors really came into their own. Mark suggested that they were able to relate to the WWIII plot more than the ice age and flood in acts 1 and 2.

What I've been reading - Sadly, not much. I've kind of slacked on the 3 plays a week challenge since getting engrossed in a book about the Lincoln assassination.

Show things - Mark got cast as Mr. Boddy in Clue: The Musical! I am so proud of him! It was the part he really wanted the most. We've also been up to our butts in Ren Fair. Our show is seriously under-rehearsed and the new tech week schedule means that we won't have hours and hours to work on it over the next 3 days, but I have faith. The weather has been fantastic, so that is a real plus.

Health - Back has been better over all, but very twingy the last couple days. It's mostly the turning and reaching, so it's very easy to overdo it without meaning to or doing much. I had a flare up just from reaching across myself to pick up a drink. I've also been slacking on the swimming since work and Ren Fair and family things have been so eventful. I'm getting a bit tan this year, though. Sunday I wore a little tank top with a lace design on the back to rehearse at the site and everyone kept grilling me about whether or not it left cute tan lines. People were even asking Mark to give them status reports of how cute it looks. I look cute, alright. No lacy tan design for me - I got a burn around the strap on one side with clear finger-marks from where I put the sun screen inside the burn. I think it's in a place where my costume will get to show off just how cute that is too. If I were a more vain creature, I'd have to lay out naked to fix it.

What else has been up - With the great weather we've got the garden started. I already see sprouts in the lettuce tray and there are 3 tomatoes on the vine. Of course, they are all on the SAME vine, so I'm a little worried about that. My blueberry plant survived the winter and is getting very tall.

And userinfoghost_light's new obsession - DRIVING! I have started driving on my own. Of course, this does not come without consequences. I drove to Girdwood all by myself for a school visit and I saw a glitch in the Matrix - I passed the same dark/metallic blue PT Cruiser twice going past me on the road and since then they have been stalking me! I see them everywhere! There are even 2 in the Thrifty Rental Lot across the street from my house. The other downside to driving is that I want my own car, especially since Mark will be in Valdez the week Summer Staff comes into town and it would be so nice not to have to send Don out to get them and everything else we might possibly need. I've test driven a couple cars so far. I really liked driving the Scion xb but it was sold before we got into the office. I also got to drive a Bug convertible. It was a lot of fun but out of my price range and I had a lot of trouble seeing over the back when the top was down and out the little window when the top was up. I asked them to call me as soon as a regular automatic Bug comes on the lot. They were supposed to have one today but it turned out to be a stick shift. I tried at the new lot too, but they sold the brand new holyshit!that'sreallyyellow! one I had my eye on before I got there. I just wanted to drive it to see how it would compare. They aren't going to get in any new Bugs for at least 3 weeks. I tried to test drive a Yaris, but the lot wouldn't let me because the only 2 they have are rentals. Mark drove a mini-Cooper and loved it. I got a call from the lot today saying they have an automatic mini-Cooper on the lot that they want me to test drive. I'm hoping to go out to do that tonight.

That's been about it. Hopefully events will warrant an update tonight and the questions will return tomorrow.
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