Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light


Okay, I know all the Alaskans are posting it, but it is fucking SNOWING out there. Little white puffs falling from the sky as I type! Mark just called me from work to be sure I'm seeing it.

I already read my 3 plays for the week - go me.

I still have my winnings from the Derby burning a hole in my pocket. Mark thinks it would be hysterical if I spent it all on Diet Coke.

Comedy of Errors is going very well - only one weekend left!

I need to figure out how to post pictures from Sims so I can finally make an update about my new family.

1. What would you suggest for a really fun band name?

2. What foreign country did you last visit?

3. Would you rather go somewhere tropical for a holiday or someplace with a great deal to do?
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