Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

It's Official

I had my first eye check up in about 18 years yesterday. It went pretty well. I have a small cholesterol deposit in one eye, so I'm thinking I need to get my levels checked (where does one do that without a sympathetic GP?)> My right eye is 20/20, left is 20/25 which isn't bad on it's own, but the combo can lead to eyestrain so I'm going to go ahead and get a pair of sometimes-glasses. Astigmatism is about the same. But I am now officially a member of my dad's family. I have gone from being just a bit nearsighted to being just a bit farsighted. Yep, let the family jokes begin.

Mark and I finished watching Godspell yesterday. I'd never seen it before and I am a huge Victor Garber fan. I warned Mark during the credits that Victor was in it, but I didn't know who he played. We're watching the opening scene with all of them frolicking in the fountain and start seeing the shots of the doofus on the shore with the horrible, horrible white-guy afro. I'm figuring that he's Judas until...
Mark: OOhhhh! The guy in the fountain is John the Baptist!
ghost_light Hmmm, then who could that doofus with the hair be? (a few minutes later) Wow, the doofus is Jesus?
Mark: Isn't the doofus Victor?

Overall, I enjoyed the show, but I don't entirely understand the appeal.

We also went to see Christopher Moore's non-reading at Title Wave last night,which ruled.
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