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Okay, I am far too spacey to think of clever questions today, so once again it is userinfoghost_light jeopardy day - I shall provide the answers and you log in to suggest the questions. You can even vote for the best ones later on if you really want to make it special.

1. Underneath the Christmas Tree

2. Marsupial

3. Because it is more fun than bowling.

I just started a new Steven Dietz play. I had almost forgotten how funny he is. This play is almost reading like a Jonathan Carrol novel - the premise is that this guy has decided that there is a place in the universe where all the roads we never took converge, so he has put everything he owns out in the yard with a sign that says "Here's My Life. Make an Offer", cut a skylight in the attic and set his recliner under it so he can keep watch. The friend that we think is the sane one who is trying to talk him down has just revealed that he heard God tell him to build and ark and he can take whatever and whoever he wants on it.

Great dialog so far:

Louise: You think in a parallel world everything is perfect? You think it all works out?

Donny: Don't you?

Louise: Absolutely not. I think we all make the same mistakes in new and interesting ways.
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