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First off, a little present for Kathy since she won't get her own damn journal and she won't see it unless I post it ;)


Now that that's taken care of....2 weeks without an update. I feel lazy, but I just haven't been in the mood to chronicle what's been up with work and all and nothing else has felt important enough to comment on for a while. I know Kathy has missed the updates (since she emailed me about it ;)) so here it comes....the 2 week overview:

What I saw...
All the Queen's Man - GAH! A pretty rotten little piece of work over all. I mean, there were funny parts to it, Eddie Izzard is always great, but it just bogged itself down in utterly improbably plot-points. Spoiler but - a plane crashing through a building to rescue someone and they flying off as though unharmed? Mark said he hasn't seen anything quite like this movie since Operation Dumbo Drop. It just brought back memories of all those 70's Disney "adventure" movies where no one ever really got hurt unless the hero punched them.

Jackass: The Movie - Mark saw this in the theatre, I'm not quite sure how I missed it. I could feel brain cells dying and it just kept making me laugh harder.

American Wedding - This had a much better ad campaign in Scotland (Jim's finally taking Michelle up the aisle). I didn't like it at first, but by the end of the movie I caught myself caring about how things turned out and about each of the characters. Except Kevin. I forget about Kevin until he opens his mouth and then I think "who the hell is that guy?" Anyone else find him utterly unremarkable in those movies? I can't even remember what his plot in the first one was, just that I think he was intended to be the main character.

Intolerable Cruelty - I really liked this one, I had so much fun trying to guess where the next double cross was going to come from when.

Lost in Translation - I was a little too drunk and chatty, I simply could not stop saying whatever little thought popped into my head. I liked the movie, but I think I will appreciate it more when I am able to just sit and listen.

Paycheck - I'm a sucker for Philip K. Dick. One of my things is going to see anything with his name on it. I heard all the stories that it was really bad, but I thought it was well-crafted, they used the premise well and really created a plausible world. Plus it was showing at the theatrepub so I got to have a shrimp-lime taco and yummy beer while watching the chases. Well done ;)

What I read...
I finally finished Voice of Our Shadow by Jonathen Carroll. Wow....I had to read the last few pages 7 or 8 times and I'm still not sure I believe what I read. The overall structure of the book was amazing. I ended up having to stop reading it right before going to sleep because all the guilt from the protagonist kept leaking out and making me feel all guilty and unclean.

Art - I saw it at Cyrano's years ago but I'd never read the complete script. Mark finally read it and is finally begining to see why people compare his one-act to it. He's thinking about using the device of monologues to the audience in his next draft.

Orphans - I've been wanting to see this play again for years. It's been on-loan to people for about that long. I'm not sure how the years have treated it. Knowing the structure and the plot so well I was able to construct a prop list for one interested director off the top of my head over it made parts feel almost flat and predictable.

The show has been going pretty well. The audiences have been dishearteningly small. Poor Jim is at the end of his rope since "The LAST time we did this show we sold out EVERY night with NO promotion!" We're just at our wits' ends about how to get butts in seats and we have to get about 1000 people in the theatre just to break even right now. The cast has been doing a great job, though, really high spirits and a lot of fun. Wednesday night I almost missed at least 6 light cues because I was having so much fun watching all the new shit they keep adding in. This week alone Jodi and Bobby (who are an item rl) have started ending almost every scene with some sort of flirtation and Mark's Russian musher describes the hallucinated parade "Elephants! Oh doggies! Look at the big balloons! A marching band with 75....No 76 trombones!!"

ANSP....depending on the time of day is closing tomorrow, forging bravely on to next season, closing Monday, telling the Board to go screw and taking over, broke, raising $3000 for the next show, canceling the next show....I'm at my rope's end, I really am. At the producer's urging, I called another company to ask if they are in the market for a full or part-time Stage Manager. Luckily the answer came back yes with no questions asked. Just "There's no one we'd rather work with" and a brief description of what the job duties will be. I'm meeting him next week to talk more about it.

The Highs
Scott and Kathy got married on Friday the 13th at Marx Bros. cafe. It was a really beautiful ceremony, only 8 people there for most of it and we had a room all to ourselves for the event. This will be an entry all its own!

Mark agreed to play in the Scared Scriptless Sweetheart Show after much waffling. We didn't even rehearse, but that scene in questions will go down as one of my best ever. He's all laughing because "it was so easy! Improv is nothing!" The whole show went very well, I think it was one of the troupe's best. One of the members said her friends and family complained because it was "too blue." I don't remember anything like that, but I'm kind of scared to ask more about it since it will probably fall under the Mitchell truism "If there's a big silence on stage and you're wondering who the asshole who forgot their line is, it's you. It's always you."

The show is getting more people each night. And it is nice to know I have somewhere to do if the worst-case scenario comes.

The Lows
Pretty self-explanatory from the rants above, but to add to those...I've been really bad about watching my food restrictions and taking my meds, so I've been a little ball of asthma in the face of that and all the stress. And I had a zit in my armpit worthy of a Stephen King novel.

So with all that off my chest and waaaaaay to much info out on the net now, I'm back to playing with my Sims and maybe some X-box.

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