Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Babo's Experiment

I'm trying something new on Thursdays: no television unless I'm watching with lonelydumptruck. No just throwing on an episode of Chopped while I work and getting couch-locked. No horror movies just for something to do. Just no.

Babo has decided to take up the challenge too

Oh Babo...
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  • Friendly Babo

    Babo and Big Toe, his life coach and bestie, are so happy to be socializing again.

  • Comfy Babo

    Babo decided to take advantage of the matress in the living room by making a cozy spot and ordering his favorite dinner Babo is not known for his…

  • Dramatic Babo

    Even though there is no Theatre Conference this year, Babo has been hard at work on a new one-man show. He says he's a wizard. Really.

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