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Still Immature and Proud of it.


I am riding the bus from the office in Mt. View to Downtown. Not an uncommon occurrence. The bus is packed to the gills. Also perfectly normal. We are stopped at a traffic light just before we enter the downtown loop and an older lady across from me pulls the cord to request a stop. A perfectly ordinary, everyday thing that happens on this bus route. Mundane, even.

Except this is the day that the bus driver loses his pea.

"Okay, fine! You ring that bell. We're stopped in traffic. We have three, THREE lights and 8 blocks between here and the stop. We're not even the first ones at this light. We're going to be here A WHILE. But you go ahead and ring that bell. Go ahead, get it all out of your system. Just get it all out. Go ahead, ring that bell, get it all out of your system, okay? Just let it out."

Now, we're all looking at each other (except the lady sitting next to me, who might as well have been an extra in Night of the Living Dead.) A couple people are hiding laughter, but we're all pretty much realizing that either his poor driver is a real asshole or he's having a really, really bad day. After a long moment, one of the other riders does the only thing that could be appropriately done in this situation: he pulls the cord.


"Oh yeah, you just pull that cord. Get it all out of your systems. Go ahead, ring it again. I dare -"


"Right, real funny. Get it all out of your system."


"Yeah, yeah, you go ahead and ring that bell."




This goes on for the entire 5 minutes it takes to get through the 3 lights and around the corner. The driver just kept on ranting and each *ding* just got funnier than the last.

Finally we get to the stop and the driver pulls over. "Okay, there, we made it. I hope you all had a really great time. We're finally here, so everybody that rang the bell - GET OFF!"

Half the bus empties, with much grinning and self-congratulation. I move from my seat edge to my own seat next to a window and things quiet down significantly.

We complete the downtown loop and juuuuuuuuuuust as we pass the last stop before the transit station I casually reach up and pull the cord. *Ding*

"Oh For!!"
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