Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

So. Gross.


I'm cleaning the theatre for media day (when the local news and our resident photographer come in to shoot the show) and I notice a strong scent of mildew coming from the shop vac.  So I do what anyone else would do:  I turned it off and went to lunch.

After lunch I cracked it open and Holy Hell Grossy McShopVac!!

Someone vacuumed up some water without removing the filter or the bag.  Or emptying it.   The bag and the filter were both rotten and  the sawdust had formed into a solid cake of  EW.

I touched it.

I'm pretty sure it winked at me.

After I'd exorcized most of it I went to get Ghetto Shop Vac the Bucket Head.  Basically  Home Depot will sell you a suction system and a bucket (separately) that you combine like transformers for housewives to create a cheap shop vac.

There was a huge spider in the bottom of the bucket.

I had to burn the theatre down.


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