Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Ringing In The New Year Right

Last night lonelydumptruck and I worked an event for the Downtown Partnership. Our friends that run the event company set up a carnival theme so lonelydumptruck was a carnival barker and I ran the games. It was a lot of fun but wore both of us out.

Mike D and Cathy were supposed to come over when we got done, but she caught a bug and he wasn't feeling it. Rodney considered coming over, but didn't, so we went next door to Justin and Yanna's for a few hours. He had a huge bonfire built as we stood there and talked until it was time for the Countdown. I completely failed to notice I caught a huge spark on my sleeve until I went to the bathroom and discovered part of my coat had melted to my favorite roller derby hoodie. The hoodie has a small burn hole, my coat has a char hole the size of nickle.

They gave me enough Russian champagne and Costo beer that I joined lonelydumptruck, Justin and John in some karaoke. I didn't stand up and sing lead, mind you, but I sang along with all of their choices and was mostly lead on Why Don't We Get Drunk (And Screw). That was fun enough I might sing it for real karaoke sometime.

After we toddled home I convinced lonelydumptruck to watch some We Bare Bears with me. More on that later.

We got to sleep in some this morning. I had to be at the theatre at 1 to meet with the next director and the lighting guy. lonelydumptruck had a line through at 2 so we just road down together and I worked on putting bits of the Christmas show away while they rehearsed.

Tonight we are going to have prime rib sandwiches and games with PoisonDartFrog and MonkOfSilence and probably meet Stephanie for a drink after. Life's pretty good.
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