Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

My Intern

Our intern is quite a character. His trouble-to-worth ratio is occasionally skewed but other days.....

Take Friday, for example.

Friday he came in and told me that he hadn't had any lunch. I told him that he could have 2 of the 3 tacos left on the table, but to be sure to leave the last one for me because I wanted to eat it, I was just too stressed to face it just then. At regular intervals, for the rest of the day, he came into the office "</a></b></a>ghost_light, come eat your taco." and "</a></b></a>ghost_light, you have to eat your taco." Finally around 3:30 he put his foot down. He brought the taco into the office, set it down on the table and announced "</a></b></a>ghost_light, if you don't eat this taco you are going to get stressed out, get grey hair and look old!"

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