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So much to say and so little desire to write.

In the last couple of days we had our new bed frame delivered. It's gorgeous and it is HUGE. We had such an adventure getting it inside at 10 at night, just Mark and I, with me trying not to lift. We dinged it in a few places, but none too terribly. Markis trying to decide how best to fix it, wax or a sharpie.

Based on comments,we named our Roomba. She is Rosie. Mark is now on a quest to rememebr what Rosie on the Jetsons sounded like and I want to make her a little white maid hat/tiara.

The treadmill arrived today. Mark reordered the living room to better fit it. He thinks I hate the arrangement because my first comment was that it made our living room very small, but what I meant was that it is not really entertaining size but is a nice, intimate size for just the two of us.

Mark came home very late last night because of tech. I spent the night reading after having dinner with a friend. I re-read "A Woman in Mind" which is one of my favorite Alan Ayckbourn plays. It was the first one I'd ever seen and I am still haunted by the ending - Susan standing there speaking in her own language that no one else can understand crying "December bee? December choosy?" I have recommended it to one of the theatre companies in town and I wanted to give it another read before I lent out my copy to make sure there was not anything they might object to that I didn't remember.

I followed that up with one of Ayckbourn's childrens plays "This Is Where We Came In". Dear God, I laughed until I cried. I tried to imagine how to explain it and the best I could come up with was "It's 6 Characters Trying to Ditch Their Authors". Basically there is a group of Story Players, who act out the stories as the Story Tellers spin them. The Story Tellers are older than death, one of them tells the same things over and over, one can't remember things and the third gets everything wrong. Which leads to moments like "And this is the story of Grethel and Hansel. ("so far so good") who live at the edge of the forest with their father (Albert dons Woodsman attire.) who is a plumber." Having slept on it, I love the play even more.

Tonight I went to see "Back of the Throat". Mark just blew me out of the water. I was so impressed by his acting. The entire cast was dead soild. He kind of warned me that the script starts out great and thne gets really weird but I was riveted from start to finish. I teared up at the end. The audience was small, but none of us left when the lights came up, every one of us stayed to talk to the director and actors. I think that says a lot.

We went to see Veronica at Blues Central after that, which was a kick. We were totally "that table" yelling and screaming "We love you" after every song. We even danced like white guys right there at the table.

Oh, huge news flash - I will be appearing ON STAGE at the Overnighters. Yep, they only let me out of the booth about once a year and it will be on Sunday. Please send Diet Coke.
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