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Though it was touch and go for a while today. More on that later.

I really thought that having a week off was going to mean I'd be spending a lot of quality time with my journal getting caught up on questions,working on typing up my old travel journals etc. but that turned out not to be in the cards. My sims, however, are doing really great and I have some hot scores on Neopets.

Christmas Eve dinner turned out very well. Mark seriously over-bought when he picked up the roast. I think he figured on a pound or so per person. We made the discovery that our oven may not be up to the task of big family dinners - it was done about 2 hours after we had people come over, but that was alright. We put the tree up minutes before his family arrived and had them help decorate and I made my famous salt and rosemary roasted shrimp for an appetizer. Is it wrong to know that a recipe is a huge success because it turns out so well everyone thinks Mark made it? Anyway, dinner and smoking bishop both went over very well, as did the presents. Jen got me an REI gift card to put towards buying a leatherman. You see, I posted my Christmas list before my darling light girl gave me one as an early Christmas gift at the Christmas Story load-in. It's a seriously beautiful tool with my name and ATY engraved on it and everything. So, instead of going towards a leatherman, that money will probably be spent on gear for our next big trip. Mark and I have been talking about it a lot and we are going to go to Burning Man this year. I gave Mark's stepdad a battery operated radio. He's been looking for one for a while and I guess it was such a hit he actually took it in to nap with the next day. Awwww.

Christmas Day we had people over early for breakfast and presents. I had pomegranate seeds to put in champagne and that turned out to be delicious. My parents sent us a Roomba vacuum cleaner which was a huge hit with our friends. They also sent me a binder of photos of the family (mostly of me.) Some of them I have never seen before. I was a serious little old lady baby. My other favorite gift came from Mark. He got me a Palm!! I've been wanting to upgrade to a Palm forever but I haven't wanted to spend that kind of money on myself and Mark always claimed he wouldn't buy me one because I don't use the day planner his mom got me a couple years ago. In my defense, the thing is gorgeous, leather bound and about the size of a briefcase. I just can't carry that around everywhere I go. I love this little thing, though. If I get the software upgrades I'll be able to check email and listen to music with it.

The rest of my week was both busy and uneventful. I spent a day with my friend Randy and visited his cats. I spent part of a day working at ACT helping Ron get the office in order. I went shopping with </a></b></a>geolinguist and tried to get him to buy Sims 2. We both ended up buying clothes instead.

Last night I went over to mom and Ed's for Ed's 72nd birthday party and then to a Hanukkah party at Krista's. I drank faaaaaaar too much red wine and ate too many sun dried tomatoes on my pizza. I was going to try to be good and be very healthy and ready to cheat tonight but I way overdid it. This morning was not pretty. We had all these plans of things to do and basically all I did was zombie around until I rallied enough to help take down the Christmas tree.

Tonight we are going to </a></b></a>poisondartfrog and </a></b></a>monkofsilence's place for games and dinner and then possible to another New Year's Party. I'm really looking forward to it.

And..since it is New Year's Eve, it's time to take a moment and look back. Last year I resolved to drive. I didn't make that one. This year, taking stock of hoe I have been doing with my allergies and my back problem, I am going to make my resolution all about me. I am going to take more time to take care of myself - pay closer attention to what I eat (both health and allergy-wise), spend time doing my exercises and basically put </a></b></a>ghost_light in the top 5 of my priorities instead of just getting by and hoping for the best.

I think that about covers this week. See you next year!

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