Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

I just realized my last journal entry is actually How One Little Consonant Can Sink an Entire Theatre Company Part III.

Edit: for new readers, How One Little Consonant Can Sink an Entire Theatre Company is an irregular feature of my journal. It all started back when I was working for Alaska North Star Productions and one of the producers came out of his office howling with laughter. It seems he was rehearsing a radio spot he had written and discovered that he'd managed to type "Alaska North Star Productions: dedicated to preventing the best in Alaskan Theatre." It continued at ATY where one of my coworkers was writing an email to assure a parent that, although the director was currently out of town, she would speak to him about guaranteeing the student a part in "Ass You Like It". Luckily she caught that one in time and was able to go back and change it to "Ass, You Like It!" I'm just thoroughly amused that it is finally my turn to carry on the tradition.

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