Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

I'm baaa-ack

Well, i survived the first weekend of the show. Now I just have to make it through some stuff today I can't talk about yet and things should be fine. The show is really smoothing out, getting better every time we go through it, which is a blessing. I'm so proud of my kids. I get teared up every time they take a curtain call.

I'm going to work on Christmas Cards today, so consider this last call!

Poll #632272 Yes, I want a damn card


extra space

If you posted your mailing info in your journal, I am going to be trying to track all of those down later today, but if you could leave a little note saying you did, I'd be grateful.


1. Have you ever been told "No, you can't blog this!" (Oh, yes.)

2. What Christmas Carol has been forever taken over by a novelty version of the song? (I can never hear Little St. Nick without thinking about (and occasionally busting out with)Animal yelling "Run Run Reindeer!!"

3. How is your Christmas Shopping going? (blegh!)

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