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Worst tech week ever.

I always say this, but this one does take the cake.

Set not done, kids in semi-disarray, no run-through yet. Not too off normal. So what has this one sucking eggs? What mad today just that much more special

This time, I did something I have never done before.

This time </a></b></a>ghost_light managed to walk into a door.

Not seriously. Not hardly bad enough to leave a mark, but still.

A fucking door.

The front door of the house on the set doesn't stay open by itself and, to boot, it opens backwards from the way you would expect. I was preparing to go though it, had it open even, when I was beset by questions from all sides. Of course, I was also in a hurry to do something on the other side of the door. So, as soon as I could break from the questions I did. Full tilt boogy to finally get the show on the road. And straight into the side of the door.

I am okay, just bemused, pissed at myself and stressed. All is well.


Dec. 6th, 2005 02:26 pm (UTC)
I was working on a VERY ambitious and under funded set, where the funding was literally limited to the point of raids on construction site dumpsters for supplies, when we got unwarranted, unwanted and unhelpful help from the rest of the cast and crew. The director kept on finding the “perfect” prop piece, buying it, and telling the TD about it afterwards (“I spent $120 from your budget”) and then asked for running water on stage. My roommate ran an aquarium supply store, so he literally got the quietest aquarium pump on the market, but the sound of running water was too much for the director. (“what is that sound? What Is that sound? Can’t you guys make it any quieter?”) He cut the piece, and my roommate lost the bid on the aquarium he was doing that he had assumed he would be able to sell the pump to, so my roommate was out the money for nothing.

For the Coup de Gras, however, we went to dinner one night, and the Director got the cast to “help us” build. His merry actors (who were EQUITY no less) added a floating platform to the set, that was not floating in the plans. We came back from dinner (less than an hour) an actor on the platform, complaining that the carpenters could not seem to build a stable set.

Needless to say, friendships broke up over that tech week, but among the crew, it was a ‘bonding’ moment, ad from that point on, it became difficult to fill out any tech call with that particular director in any way involved with the play.

I’m sorry you are having a bad week, I really wish I could be more help.