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Real Update to come

Really. I'm just struggling to keep my head above water with the show. But quick news for now:

My computer is finally back after 3 months. This may be the final Resurrection of the Beast. I'm going to start saving for a laptop.

My computer being back means my Sims are back! I've started playing the Legacy Challenge. I'm going to make a SIm filter for that story. I keep planning things and they keep dodging expectations.

Thanksgiving was great. My sweet potatoes were a huge hit. I've never been asked to share a recipe I really made my own before.

My husband can be such a dork. I ordered one of his Christmas presents from a very particular site. One of those where there can be no doubt what it is and who it is for, you know. (No, nothing naughty - yet). It was supposed to be delivered on a Monday, which works for me since that is The Day Off. Unless I'm trying to gather props for a show, which I have been. I forgot all about the package maybe being delivered on Monday. It wasn't at the door anyway, so I had no reason to remember, right? Hubby gets home about an hour after I do, carrying a big box that had been left downstairs on the woodpile. "Look, honey, my Christmas present came!" Dork. I think I'm going to make him wait until his birthday for that one.

1. What was the best part of your Thanksgiving?

2. How has your week been?

3. What is your favorite Christmas Carol?
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