Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light


It snowed a good deal here this morning. I spent the morning running around getting checks sign and doing banking for ATY in the snow. Then Peter and I went to tape Stage Talk. It snowed the whole time were were there. It snowed on the way to the office. It snowed while Mark told me he was going home at 3 because we're supposed to get 9-12 more inches of snow today. He encouraged me to talk to Don about leaving early and doing my work from home today because the buses might be slow or stop running because of the snow. Once that seed was planted in my lazy head, it stopped snowing and patches of blue sky appeared.

1. What are you looking forward to most about tomorrow? (I get to have sweet potatoes!!!)

2. Which vice do you spend the most money on in a year - porn, alcohol, drugs or the internet? (I just added up the cost of my asthma meds, non-aspirin antiinflamatories and birth control and I could easily spend our deductible in just 3 months if I had to pay retail for them)

3. If you could cook any dish for tomorrow's big feast, what would it be?

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