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Things are not quite as rosy as they have been at ol' ANSP. I think I might need some of the good thoughts I asked folks to send Scott and Kathy. The show is going pretty well in spite of a few things that are making me wonder if someone has been quoting Macbeth behind my back. A few days ago our female lead sprained her ankle so she is hobbling around in one of those gigantic moon-boot braces and won't be fitted with a smaller, lace-up one until the day we open. A couple days before that, one of the other girls in the show tried to talk, stand and exit at the same time which resulted in an amazing belly-flop. The poor thing looked like Flat Stanley, but then she started giggling and complaining about how she hurt her boob. Well, it kept hurting her more and more until she finally went in for an x-ray and today they told her she has a broken rib. Since they are all playing sled dogs in this show, the cast has taken a vote to add a line about the musher beating his dogs to explain all the injuries.

Mark and I found out the local place where we rent X-Box games also stocks some great movies. We found Ringu 0 of all things.

I loved it. Mark was very confused. I even went to the ringworld site and I'm still left going WHAT THE FUCK?!?!? Okay....Sadako split into a Good Sadako and a Bad Sadako as her mother went mad. I can deal with that. Good Sadako goes to Tokyo and becomes an actress. Okay....still following. are both Sadako's here when one of them was thrown down the well by her mother in Ringu?!??!??!?!?!?! I'll accept that Good Sadako and Bad Sadako merged and formed what we know as the avenging spirit, but where does that leave the ENTIRE STORY of the first movie?? Was this explained in Ringu 2 and I just can't find that info on-line?

Okay..much better now.

I also finished reading Bones of the Moon by Jonathan Carroll. He is Mark's new favorite author, so I bought 3 of his books on Amazon for his birthday. Mark thought he might be dead since he hasn't been able to find any of his books published after '89 or so, but through the combined wonders of Live Journal and Amazon I discovered he is alive and well and living in Vienna. Apparently his books are only published in small batches in the US and go out of print almost immediately. He is going to be one of my favorite authors too, now. Bones of the Moon is like an all-good-parts Stephen King novel or a really successful Jonathen Lethem story. I had to reread the ending a couple times just because it was so strange. I just can't decide which one to start next.
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