Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light


1. Do you have a favorite charity (even if you are not able to support it financially)? What is it?

2. Did you have any interesting dreams last night?

3. Have the increased gas prices changed your driving habits?

I saw half of the great Scientology South Park last night. I am going to have to seek out the rest of it very soon.

We watched Stander last night. It's a movie about a South African cop who becomes a bank robber. I think what surprised me most is that it was set in the 70's and they actually used Afrikaaner accents. It was so strange to hear that again, Afrikaans has to be one of the strangest accents out there. They showed an Anatomy of a Scene showing how they put together the riot scene in the township. It was just jaw-dropping - 1300 extras plus local people they couldn't keep from joining. Highly recommend this one.

I'm working out the idea of a Secret Santa Exchange still, just wanted to get a feel for who would be interested. More to come on this.

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