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Barring the need to fill up more space...the Hohman Sun Herald is DONE! I finally have some brain space back. Now the rest of my day is finding props and creating Drama Centers. (See, I want to go looking for the bunny costume because I KNOW we have one but Don wants me to leave that to the costumer so he put Drama Centers on my plate to distract me. Damn leafy green good for me Drama Centers.)

We finally cast a Ralph in the show, which means I don't have to be on call as designated adult every night at rehearsal. Last night that led to being able to go out to dinner with friends who shall be named and gossiped about later.

Also last night, it snowed! That makes me so happy! I love the snow, especially because it covers up all the yuck on D St, and makes walking to the post office less of a game of "dodge the bodily fluids left on the sidewalk". Yeah, it's winter in Anchorage again.

more meaningful questions to come in days ahead. In the meantime

1. Want a card? (yep, that old favorite)

2. What do you think of the idea of LJ Secret Santas? Would you take part?

3. What was for dinner last night? (I had seared ahi, one of my favorites)

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