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As I mentioned, I am writing articles for the program/newspaper for our production of "A Christmas Story". Those of you know who know kids in the show, please don't tell, I want to surprise them.

One of the characters, Helen, is a classmate of Ralphie's. She is absolutely brilliant, does her 4th grade book report on A Doll's House the whole bit. It is mentioned in the narration that there are only 3 scientists in the world who understand Helen's 3r d grade science project.

I want to do an article about her being short-listed for a Nobel Prize....

1. What should the prize be for?

2. Is there another major science award (that was around in the 40's) I should use instead?

3. What other fun stories should I try to include?

I'm working as Assistant Director for the annual Veteran's Concert tonight. One of my duties will be helping some of the older Veterans up the stairs to recieve their awards.

I finally started working on Christmas cards last night. It was a nice way to spend an evening, writing cards, drinking beer and watching the Muppet Show. I already went through one of the boxes. If you still want a card (Hint hint!!) please let me know. (I think I need a card-whore icon....)
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