Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Thursday I Did What They Said Could Not Be Done

Break in your new skates before the season starts, they said.


When I got new skates, for weeks, I kept falling over like I was Fresh  Meat, they said.


You're feet are going to hurt SO bad, they said.


Thursday I laced up my new skates for the first time and I skated as the outside pack ref the whole hour-plus scrimmage, occasionally as the only outside pack ref.


I didn't have to change back to my old skates.


I fell once, and that was over a skater's leg as she was knocked out of bounds (I blame Ice Crystal)


I have no blisters, just one slightly sore middle toe.


I can't wait to skate in them tomorrow, I just have to learn how to loosen my toe-stops.

Tags: derby, via ljapp
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